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Interviews and research with 2017 SaaS CEO's.

The modern day CEO needs to mix decisiveness with engagement. It’s constant learning in a frantic world of work. Coaching can help develop awareness, self - regulation and positive team behaviors to cope and thrive.

The secret of successful international work transitions.

New country, new culture − the toughest of transitions. As with most executive and manager transitions, when you are emigrating for work, you are dealing with a lot of change. A stretching role, a turnaround, being brought into make changes all require you to adapt, assess, learn and operate in different ways. But, when you add in the complexity of relocating your family, integrating within a new culture, and adapting to a new working environment, the stakes are much higher.

The Art and Science of Modern Marketing.

Modern Marketing. 5 key leadership traits. 5 recommendations. From my own successes and failures, as I reflect on my journey in brand and performance marketing, technology and the teams I have operated with, there are 5 traits I see as most important in a modern marketer. My 5 recommendations constitute a marketing assessment to ensure you have a clear strategy, and a plan in place to deliver against it.

Coming next … “Athletic mentality” November 2018.