John Brewer Coaching & Consulting
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My 6 services to support your business and executives.


Many companies are caught between constructing a deliberate 3 year strategic plan, and adapting to customer needs and competitive pressures at high speed. It's difficult to run the operation and also adapt strategy, with fixed human resources and the constraint of time. We assist in this situation by collaborating with your team members, facilitating one day strategic planning sessions and producing a summary for you to action. This is an efficient process for quickly providing insight and action into a competitive challenge, or market opportunity. 


Clients engage in an Executive Coaching relationship with me, for support in facing up to tough situations and challenges, to explore and build their capability to lead the business and their teams, with purpose, confidence, and a heightened emotional connection. Ultimately to be a more effective leader - with Vision & Heart. My methodology centers on creating change through self awareness and the development of purpose and new habits. The process is supportive and challenging. I provide a free consultation to discuss the goals, assess readiness, and establish if there is a "good fit".


Customer Experience ultimately determines how successful your business is. Companies should shift more resources into monitoring, safeguarding and improving the customer experience. We assist in supporting companies in the development of customer journey maps, and the analysis of satisfaction drivers, including product, speed, convenience, customer needs and feedback. The method is a facilitated process of collaboration across key stakeholders and groups, outputting a prioritized plan for enhanced customer experience.


Executives in transition from one role to a very different one, from one country to another, or operating in a very different culture, need plenty of support. Often these transitions can be made significantly easier for the Executive with a bigger return on investment for the business, with the help of a Coach. My personal experience working in multiple cultures and transitioning across roles and borders, and my coaching has highlighted the value of a trusting and supportive relationship in making a faster, less stressful and more effective adaptation.


The structure, culture and people in your organization dictate your performance. Fine tuning and evolving this is a challenge yet failure to do so usually creates short and long term costs to your business. The goal is to unlock capabilities, spot gaps, and increase agility within the organization. We assist by exploring the critical issues facing your company, interviewing stakeholders, researching industry comparisons and best practice to provide a thesis on how the organization design, culture and your talent could be optimized.  


You are a Leader with high self awareness, purpose and a vision. Now you need to bring it to life, with a team you respect and care for deeply. But there are challenges ahead and you want to leverage all your talent to develop themselves and your leadership team, to make something truly extraordinary. This service is for those Leaders who need support in developing a high performing team dynamic, through crucial conversations, the awareness of feelings and motivations, and a code of behavior that strengthens connections and trust.