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As a Coach I seek to support you unconditionally, and help reveal new insight and energy.

I sought coaching from John during a particularly challenging time, including career burnout and divorce. John helped me clarify my values and take powerful steps to restore excellence in my work, whilst maintaining balance in my life overall

John helped me organize the competing priorities in my life that allowed me to focus on what was most important. He continues to guide me through his inquisitive nature, helping me find the true meaning and value of opportunities and challenges in my life.
— Director of marketing, alaska airlines

John persuaded me to join Microsoft when I was uncertain, and my time there was successful and enjoyable largely because of him being a great manager and coach. He is a man that supports you as a person as well as in the job. John is a big picture thinker, and was always supportive of me following my dream to be an entrepreneur which helped me on my path to launching my own business
— chieu cao, founder and chief marketing officer, perkbox

I had the privilege of working with John when he led Digital at a disparate and disorganized portfolio of businesses at TUI. During that time I grew to appreciate his skills at general business and marketing. Beyond that however, I witnessed John’s ability to develop, coach and mentor both peer executives and less senior professionals. John has many gifts, but chief among them is his coaching and communication skills which I saw build trust, encourage, inspire and grow talent. In his transformation role it would have been impossible for him to personally drive marketing for all the brands, so he built deep trust and relationships to enable the marketing leadership in multiple companies to have a great impact on the business. It is with great pleasure that I recommend John Brewer as an exceptional leader and coach
— sean madian, senior hr director, impinj

My executive coaching with John has proven extremely valuable in helping me build a clear vision for my career. John is a patient active listener who gently challenges you to be more introspective, helping you uncover opportunities for development or a new path to reach your goals. I recommend John to anyone seeking constructive guidance on working through career challenges
— Director of marketing, microsoft

I worked with John for a number of years at both Microsoft and Expedia, and consider him a trusted advisor, a man of integrity and a highly skilled business coach. John has the rare ability to combine the theory of coaching with extensive experience as an international business leader. He has worked for some of the world’s leading brands, at more traditional organizations and at pioneering digital businesses. He is a very experienced commercial operator with a deep background in marketing and business management. His ability to unite coaching methods with relevant business insight is hugely valuable
— andrew warner, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, monster worldwide.

John has been an adviser to our organization for several years and served as Chief Commercial Officer through the launch of BadBobby Leaders. His expertise in business management, product development and marketing is extensive, making him an excellent consultant. Beyond that, he is a thoughtful investor in others, a committed and discerning advocate to everyone he coaches. John’s mix of deep care and business savvy distinguishes him as an exceptional business leader and executive coach
— dr. rob mckenna, chair, industrial/organizational psychology, seattle pacific university

I have seen John bring tremendous change and improvement to the companies and people he’s worked with. He’s a highly respected leader with a knack for helping people and business performance get to the next level. He is exceptionally committed to coaching and developing people to reach their goals, and he has the courage to try new things to adapt in a fast moving business environment

John is a great communicator, genuinely interested in ensuring you’re progressing both at a professional and personal level. There was mutual trust between John and his team in good times as well as challenging circumstances, in which John would unconditionally stand for his team
— pedro silva, senior product manager, credit karma

I had the opportunity to work with John at Alaska Airlines where he was leading the product organization. John’s leadership skills were crucial in bringing about positive change in the organization during it’s transformation from waterfall to agile. Even with everyone needing his attention he managed to be there for people, and also used his uncanny ability to keep multiple perspectives in mind and utilize that to guide people towards success
— Raghu Challapilla, enterprise agile transformation coach